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Rotating advertising column series

The glass on the rotating advertising column along with the reflection of the landscape on it form the piece together. The exposure length is about one second, which turns the advertisement's image abstract, and from the i mage you can distinguish the reflected landscape that stands still.

Landscape Paintings

I call my works landscape paintings. They are photographs of reflections off surfaces of paintings. I use enamel paint in the paintings that serve as backgrounds for the works. I photograph these paintings in different environments and lightings. The eventual work is a laminated colour photograph the size of the original painting. Thus, the work consists of different planes: the original painting, the reflection and, eventually, the spectator’s own reflection off the laminated surface. The works are in different sizes, from 50 x 64cm to 120 x 150cm.

When painting, I let the material qualities of paint and thinner effect the end result. Even things traditionally seen as technical problems—such as dust, variation in surface shine, and even loose bristles from paintbrushes—can be utilised.

Taking the photograph brings yet another element of chance into the process. The surrounding light changes the colours of paintings and it is almost impossible to predict how the film is going to react. It is impossible to control the way the reflections turn out, because I cover a large part of the viewfinder when taking the picture. To balance the situation, I take a large number of photographs and accept chance as my co-worker.